7 Fun Facts About Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies are amazing. We have probably said that several times across this blog, but it’s true. Today, we want to just share some great and interesting facts about this wonderful breed. We hope you enjoy our facts and we want to invite all our readers to send us your favorite facts about Siberian Huskies. We enjoy hearing about your experiences and fun things your dogs do.

Siberian Huskies are…

Bred for cold weather – You probably knew this one already. They were originally bred and used as sled dogs for an indigenous people of Siberia in Russia. Their coats and physical build are ideal for performing the work they needed to in the weather conditions they were in.

Heroes in Alaska –  In 1925, there was a diphtheria outbreak in Alaska and the people were in danger of all dying. Teams of Huskies were sent into the town with the necessary medicine and saved the town. They had to brave a serious snowstorm and strong winds, but they got there and they came out heroes.

Very talkative and loud – Any Husky owner knows that they love to bark and howl. They like talking with their owners and other dog friends and their howls can be heard up to ten miles away. This may also be because of the vast terrains they had to cross in early years when they were still working dogs in Russia.

Escape artists – They can get out of any confinement if they see half a chance. Siberian Huskies, and actually all Husky breeds, like wandering and exploring away from home. This is part of their nature. They can climb fences or jump over them. They can dig holes underneath fencing and find other clever ways to get out. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to make sure that your dog is not bored. Ensure enough stimulation and solid fencing to keep your Husky safe.

Able to control their metabolisms – Huskies can change their metabolisms to adjust to their activity levels. This is an amazing fact that scientists are yet to explain. It seems that Huskies have this ability to adjust their metabolism to conserve energy while running for hours on end.

Very cute –  We know, we know, it goes without saying. To add to their already high cute factor, they also cover their noses with their fluffy tails. They use their tales to keep their noses warm while sleeping. Both clever and extremely cute.

Not guard dogs – For some people, their appearance may seem guard-like, but they don’t make very good guard dogs. Huskies are social and they are pack animals. They are friendly and lovable and more likely to lick an intruder scared than chasing him away.

We could go on about Huskies all day long, but if you want more, read our previous articles here and here. You can also visit Mental Floss and HealthyPets for more.

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