Siberian Huskies are very intelligent dogs and some people believe that this makes them untrainable. This is, however, not true. Huskies can be trained well if done correctly. Training is more effective if it starts at a young age rather than later, but older dogs can still also be trained.

Follow these tips to train your Siberian Husky.

  1. Be consistent – Consistency is the key to training any dog and actually any human or other animal as well. Be consistent in your rules and what is allowed and what not. Make sure that everyone in your family enforces the same behavior and don’t give your Husky mixed signals. When the Husky understands the boundaries and they are consistently applied, he will obey and not be a problem-dog.
  2. Be the alpha – Siberian Huskies are pack dogs by nature. They need to feel part of your pack and if you want to call the shots, you need to be the alpha. If you are a strong leader, he will gladly listen and obey. To make it clear that you are the alpha, do the following:
  • Always end with the toy when you’re playing. You should be the one that starts and ends play time.
  • Always enter a doorway first. This way he will know that you are the leader and that he should follow.
  • Consistently enforce the rules and boundaries that you set from the beginning.

  1. Take him to puppy school – Siberian Huskies must be socialized and trained to obey. The best place to do this is at puppy school. At puppy school, you and your dog learn to bond and he learns to obey basic commands. After puppy school, you can also do obedience training. These training sessions are good for socialization purposes and because it gives your dog exercise and fresh air.
  2. Do crate trainingCrate training means that you train your dog to know where his own little space is. A crate that is big enough for him to sleep in and move a bit is a good size. Train him by leaving him inside for a few minutes and reward him if he stays calm and let him out. You will have to repeat this several times to make him understand that the crate is his place. He will learn that he can go there to sleep, get away from people and other pets, and patiently wait for you to return home.

These simple tips will get you on the right track with your Siberian Husky. They truly are excellent dogs and once they understand the boundaries and recognize you as alpha, you will have lots of fun together.

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