Recreational Activities for Siberian Huskies and Their Humans

Siberian Huskies are social and family dogs. They come from a family setting and they love being with people. They are good with kids, strangers, and even other dogs their size. Huskies are very intelligent and they have to get a lot of exercise. In order for them to be the best pets possible, they need to do training and be socialized. There are different ways of approaching this and we call it recreational activities. Some of these options include training which is both a recreational and exercise activity and it can even go under mental stimulation. These activities are very important for your Siberian Husky’s development.

Puppy School – Puppy school is the first recreational and social activity that your dog should take part in. Puppy school is mainly to socialize your dog and make them used to other dogs and people. They also learn basic commands which are very important. The recall command is one you should practice a lot because Siberians tend to not do recall very well. You can also make practicing commands a recreational activity.

Obedience School – The next step is obedience school. This is like high school for the pups. Command training, leash training, and more socialization take place. It also important that you do crate training at home and practice leash training on your own. Once your dog has successfully completed puppy school and obedience training, he is ready to go out into the world.

Dog Parks – You should avoid taking an untrained and unsocialized dog to the dog park. They can cause chaos in the blink of an eye. Once your dog has been trained and socialized, take him to the dog park. This has multiple purposes: exercise, mental stimulation through new sights and smells, and socialization through meeting lots of new dog friends. When your dog gets used to the dog park, it will be something he looks forward everyday. You can even arrange doggy play dates with other owners.

Sledding or Racing – Because Siberian Huskies are originally sled dogs, they enjoy pulling things. Not all modern-day Huskies will enjoy it, but many still do. You can join a club to train your dog recreationally to be a sled dog or racing dog. There is some controversy surrounding these activities, but you can learn all you need to know at places like the International Siberian Husky Club. This type of training will once again fulfill the need for exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization.

Exercise Buddies – Your Siberian Husky may be the best fitness trainer you can get. They have energy for days and can probably run circles around you – literally. A fun way to bond and make sure you both get exercise is doing it together. You can choose from running, cycling, scootering, skijoring, rollerjoring, and just playing games.

Siberian Huskies love being with their pack and they love being active. Make it recreational and fun and you will both have the time of your lives. Have fun!

Tell us about the activities that you and your dog do. We look forward to hearing from you!

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