Siberian Husky Fact Sheet

Siberian Huskies are most well-known for being sled dogs in snowy countries. They are a breed that originated in Siberia, Russia and are generally of medium-size. They have many distinctive traits – both physical and personality-wise. They are working dogs that helped the Chukchi people who were hunter-gatherers. These people lived in very harsh and cold weather and that is why Huskies are so happy with the cold.

Physical Traits

Coat and fur – Because of the cold weather from which they originated, Siberian Huskies have a double-layer coat. The undercoat is very dense and there to protect them against the cold. The top layer is longer but still short hair to add a second coat of protection against the cold. Their fur reflects heat during hot months and can still keep cool. They shed a lot and require grooming on a regular basis.

Color and patterns – Siberian Huskies are mainly white and black, but there are also those that are copper-red and white or gray and white. You will also occasionally find a pure white Husky. They usually have white paws, legs, and facial markings, but the patterns differ from dog to dog. Most Huskies have distinctive patterns and markings on their faces and ears.

Eye color – Huskies can have almost any combination of eye color. Mostly their eyes are brown or blue, but you will often also see dogs with one of each color or even eyes that are parti-colored.

Build – Siberian Huskies are medium-sized dogs with long and furry tails. They are not built like some bully breeds, but they are strong.

Other Traits

They are good with children – The Siberian Husky was raised within a family setting by the Chukchi people which mean they are used to being around children. They are good with children and can gentle and good pets.

They have hunting instincts – The Chukchi only used the dogs for work during the winter months when the snow was thick. During summer, the dogs ran free in packs and hunted for their food. Because of this, they may not be great with smaller animals. They can be trained to get used to cats and smaller dogs.

They need a lot of exercise – They are a very active and energetic breed and they need exercise daily.

They are known escape artists – A Siberian Husky can jump, crawl, or dig his way out if he wants to. When being kept as pets, they need to be in a secure and fenced area that outwits their smart escape tactics.

Siberian Huskies are beautiful dogs and they make very good pets. The most important things to remember is that they need training to be obedient and they need to feel part of a pack.

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