Tips on Living with a Siberian Husky

Living with a Siberian Husky as your pet and taking care of him is a wonderful experience. Siberian Huskies are good-natured and very energetic. They have a few basic requirements to be good family-members but it is the same with most dogs and even with most humans. ISHC has a few tips for having a successful relationship with a Husky and making him part of your family.

1. Be the pack leader

Siberian Huskies are pack dogs and they want to be part of your pack (your family). To make sure that they know who the pack leader is, you need to identify yourself as the alpha. Once the Husky knows who is in charge and who his pack is, you will have no problems. Make sure to clearly establish yourself as the leader of the pack and make sure your family does the same.

2. He has to be trained

It doesn’t matter that much whether you train him or if you take him to obedience school, as long as he gets training. Puppy school and obedience school can sometimes be more convenient because the people there already know what to do and how to get results.

You may have to do some research.

Regardless of who does the training, it is important that your Siberian is socialized and taught to obey basic commands, especially if your planning on using them for dog sledding or as a working dog. Socialization is important because they need to be able to get along with other dogs and people. You should also do crate training to establish boundaries in your home and leash training to ensure that he behaves when you go for walks or to the dog park.

3. He needs exercise

This is something that is non-negotiable when you have a Husky as a pet. They are working dogs and they have a lot of energy. They have to be taken for a walk or run daily. Play with them and give them mental and physical stimulation. You can get them puzzle toys or build your own. You will be surprised how a mental challenge can exhaust them. If your Siberian does not get enough exercise, he will get bored which will lead to destructive and disobedient behavior. Try and get an exercise time everyday and make sure that you give him a lot of opportunities to be a Husky.

4. Beware the prey drive

Because Siberian Huskies lived as part of families in Siberia, they are good with children and will not be a threat to them. However, they do have a prey drive as they were left to run free and find their own food during the warm months of the year. They caught and ate small animals like birds, rabbits, and squirrels. This means that they need to be properly socialized and trained to accept smaller dogs and cats as part of their pack. If they don’t, chances are your smaller pets will not live long.

If you keep these things in mind, living with a Siberian Husky will be an absolute dream. They are wonderful pets and very friendly and kind. They have beautiful personalities to go with their beautiful furs and eyes. It is a privilege to have Siberian as part of your family.

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